Founded in 1953 as a weaving atelier in Denizli, Turkey; Zorlu Textiles Group today is one of the leading manufacturers of home textiles globally.

Zorlu Textile Group’s principal business activities consist of the production and marketing of yarns, curtains, sheets and all other complimentary home textile products.

Korteks Yarns, the first company of the Zorlu Group, is the biggest manufacturer of polyester yarns in the Middle East and Europe and the leading European manufacturer engaged in integrated curtain production.

Zorlu Textiles Group employs state-of-the-art technology to manufacture 105 million yards a year of a wide range of home textile products in its vertically integrated manufacturing facilities.

Home textiles and curtains manufactured by Zorluteks are entitled to display the Oeko-Tex STD-100 label indicating that they contain no chemicals that are detrimental to human health.

Zorlu Textile home textiles have also been awarded a Cotton USA license while the company ’s curtain products have received Gosstandart certification in Russia.

Zorlu USA Inc. was established in 1998 at the 5th Avenue – Textile Building in New York City to provide high quality Turkish home textile products to mainly US markets and all Americas.

In the course of the time, with its strong sourcing capabilities and relationships with Chinese, Indian and Pakistani manufacturers, Zorlu USA has become the foremost supplier and distributor of major American retailers.

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