Zorlu Holding Textile Group brings "Home Beauty Center" concept up to date by LINENS Stores, after the "household textile trend" concept. LINENS, developed with an innovative and pioneer store ring concept by Zorlu Holding Textile Group who is leading in home textile sector with its production power and creations, is a first and most sophisticated "Turkish Brand" on home textile in Turkey. In the first four years following its establishment, LINENS store ring with approximately 110 stores nowadays is aiming to have 140 stores by franchise system using the power of well-known brands while growing.


Stores are aiming to provide high quality home textiles to its customers with practical availability under a single structure.

They are concept stores which operate on 300-1,500 m2 area, aiming to convert home textile shopping into pleasure with easy payment options, variety of products and designs, A to Z curtain service, private store concept, professional personnel and service quality based on customer satisfaction in all aspect. In LINENS stores, various brands such as TAÇ, Brielle and LINENS products for store ring. Elegant home accessories, which are supplementary in home decoration in the stores and small furniture, which are suitable for upholstery fabrics in large stores, are also available.


The most convenient way provided for consumers by LINENS Stores is availability of all kind of home textile products

such as curtains, sleeping sets, bedding clothes, bathrobes, towels, tablecloths etc. without needing to spend too much time for shopping amidst the busy daily life. A to Z service is supplied in curtain shopping. On site measurement, sewing and mounting services are also supplied besides consultation services about issues such as selection of curtain fabric, most popular models and curtain fashion for the customers. Quality / price balance is also offered to customers besides many other advantages and easiness for home textile. All customers have benefits on promotions and campaigns by smart card applications and identification.


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